Research Request – Non-Member

The Butler County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society (BCOGS) will conduct limited research within Butler County for a fee of $10 per hour for members and $20 per hour for non-members. A deposit equal to at least one hour’s research is required with the request.  Please indicate the maximum number of hours you are willing to authorize, as you will be billed upon completion of the research for any additional hours up to the maximum number of hours specified in your request. You may be billed for any copying charges incurred by BCOGS in completing your requested research as well as postage.

Most of the research will be conducted in Hamilton at the Butler County Records Center & Archives, the Butler County Recorder’s Office, the Butler County Historical Society and the Hamilton branch of the Lane Library. Upon completion of the research, the BCOGS genealogist will provide copies of any documents obtained along with a detail explanation of the research results.   Please understand that the research we conduct on your behalf might not result in any records being located.

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