Cemeteries in Butler County


Greenwood Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
Richards-Gilbert Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery
St. Mary’s Cemetery
St Stephen’s Cemetery
Stockton Cemetery
Symmes Cemetery
Venice Cemetery
Walker Cemetery List of Graves

Located at the West termination of St Clair Avenue at the Junction of East River Road, Fairfield Township

Walker, Infant d 5 July 1836 d/o of Morrison Walker
Walker, Amanda d 4 Aug 1844 2y 3m 11d d/o Wm & Martha
Walker, Elizabeth d 6 Aug 1830 11d d/o Foster & Margaret
Walker, John W. d 1 Dec 1833 38y 5m 1d
Walker, Joseph d 13 Aug 1829 1m s/o Foster and Martha
Walker, Joseph d 28 Nov 1865 50y 6m
Walker, William Henry d 17 Apr 1832 4y 21d s/o Foster & Martha


Ebenezer Cemetery
Hall Cemetery
Hancock Burying Ground
Hanover Township Trustees
Lutheran Cemetery
Roll CemeteryList of Graves

Near McCongible Station, Hanover Twp, Butler County

Roll, Mary d 1838 74y Wife of Mathew
Roll, Mathew d 1861 Revolutionary War Soldier

Ross Cemetery
Stillwell Cemetery
United Brethren Cemetery


Amanda Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery
Elks Cemetery
Middletown Pioneer Cemetery
North Monroe Cemetery
Mound Cemetery
St. Anthony Cemetery
Woodside Cemetery


Clawson Cemetery
Elks Country Club Cemetery
Springhill Cemetery
Yankee Road Cemetery (Hunt)


Augsberger Cemetery
Baptist (Trenton)
Barkelow Cemetery
Elk Creek (Trenton)
Elk Creek (Rt. 122)
Holy Name
Mt. Pleasant
St. John’s Cemetery
St. Peter’s


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Benham Farm
Bone Cemetery
Cline-Cole Cemetery
Collinsville Cemetery
Darrtown Cemetery
Richardson-Simpson Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Somerville Cemetery
Taylor Cemetery


Andrew-Elliott Cemetery
Chapel Cemetery
Jenkins Burial Ground
Macedonia Cemetery
New London Cemetery
Old George Cemetery
Old Hickory Cemetery
Sater Cemetery
Scipio Cemetery
Shandon Cemetery
Solomon Cemetery
Turner Family Cemetery


Adams Cemetery
Austin Cemetery
Doty Settlement Cemetery also known as Campbell-Dazell or Campbellite
Freeman Graveyard
Horner Cemetery
Oxford Cemetery
St. Mary’s Catholic aka Mount Olivet
Woodside (originally known as Oxford Township Cemetery)
Zion Meeting House


Bunker Hill
Burk Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Indian Creek
Methodist Cemetery
Post Cemetery List of Graves

Located two miles outside Reily in Reily Twp.
Cemetery was found in 1960’s but is gone now

Post, Eleanor died 12 December 1841 82 years
Post, James died 28 July 1846 86 years 

Reily Cemetery
Springdale Cemetery (Wards)
St. Charles Cemetery
Walker Chapel Cemetery


Brosius Cemetery/Black Road Cemetery
Butterfield Cemetery
Fenton Cemetery
Millville Cemetery
Van-Liew Cemetery
Venice Cemetery (2)


Eaton Cemetery  List of Graves

Small Abandoned graveyard on Eaton Farm, Beissinger Road Near Eaton Road
on the North side Back off the road overlooking an artificial lake St Clair Twp.

Eaton, Ebenezer d 23 Dec 1830 47y 11m 7d
Eaton, Phebe d 13 Oct 1868 87y 8m 13d
Wife of Ebenezer

Hickory Flats Cemetery
Longfellow Burial Ground
Mennonite-Augsburger Memorial
Thomas Farm
Werner Cemetery  List of Graves

Located on West River Road about 5 miles from Hamilton St Clair Twp

Weber, Katie born 1843 died 1978
Werner, Elizabeth died 22 December 1844 16y 6m 14d
on the back of marker 8 January 1828
Werner, Refu (Gesto T Ben) died 29 October 1871 39y 7m 15d
Werner, Jacob born 1864 died 1911 Brother
Werner, Sophie born 1874 died 1899 Sister
Werner, Abraham died 22 December 1876 


Brookside/Union Township
Jeffras Farm Cemetery
Mead/McMaken Cemetery
Pisgah Presbyterian
Seward Family List of Graves

Willard Sheperd Farm Beckett Ridge Union Twp.

Conver, Amy Jane No Dates d/o John P & Emily
Seward, David b 24 Sept 1844 d 7 Oct 1848 4y 1m 13d
Seward, Elizabeth b 14 Apr 1815 d 25 Oct 1844 29y 6m 11d
Wife of Byrum
Seward, Isaac b 3 Feb 1785 d 24 Jun 1847 62y 5m 21d
Seward, Margaret Ann b 8 Jun 1796 d 11 Jun 1817 21y 3d
Wife of Butler Seward
Seward, Samuel b 18 Sept 1754 d 22 Apr 1828 73y

Revolutionary War Soldier
Van Dine, Matthew b Aug 1752 d 15 Dec 1837 85y 4m 27d 


Briedenbooker Cemetery
Butler County Memorial Park
Cotton Run Cemetery
Jacksonburg Cemetery
Old Jacksonburg
Phares Cemetery
Seven Mile United Brethren
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery
Wayne Township Baptist
Withrow Cemetery