“Genealogy and DNA Testing” by Pam White, the BCOGS President

One of the featured articles in February’s issue of Pathways was
“Genealogy and DNA Testing” which was a follow-up to the program presented in January by Pam White, the BCOGS President, on “Genetic Genealogy: Adding DNA to Your Genealogical Toolbox.”

“DNA has become an important tool for genealogists. In some
instances DNA testing is needed in order to meet the first requirement of the Genealogical Proof Standard, conducting a reasonably exhaustive search in relevant records. Like census, court, and other records we use in our research, DNA is a tool which helps us identify our ancestors. While not every case requires a DNA test, it can be a valuable tool in many instances. Old records can contain errors (deliberate or otherwise), but DNA will never lie. This article will briefly outline the three DNA tests used for genealogical purposes. ”

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