The Butler County Chapter of The Ohio Genealogical Society was formed in 1977.  This site has been created as a means of sharing information about our County and its rich genealogical history.

The purpose of our Society is:

  • To support the objectives of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
  • To create and build an interest in preserving and collecting historical records of this and related areas.
  • To encourage active membership in this chapter and in The Ohio Genealogical Society. 
  • To take an active part in collecting records and making them available for use in research.
  • To educate individuals in research methods.
  • To aid individuals in their research.
  • To publish, if advisable, genealogical materials compiled by the Chapter members, and to copyright this material when necessary
  • To support family research at the Butler County records Center and Archives in Hamilton, Ohio
If you have any Butler County data you would like to donate to our site, please contact us by e-mail at 

ATTENTION! We are pleased to announce we will start up meetings again beginning in May. See the Meetings page for details!

Make a note to save April 12, 2014, for the Hamilton County Chapter's Annual Seminar. Details here.

Site Last Updated on March 25, 2014